2015 Crop is Up and Growing

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The first sprouts of spring 05 02 15

It’s been an exciting first few weeks of the 2015 growing season.

Rain has been abundant and well-timed at our Lineville property and temperatures, though a bit on the cool side, have been more adequate to coax hundreds of catnip plants from the earth.

With the help of brand-new plot specialist Amy Ewing, we feelĀ  more optimistic than ever that we’ll win our ongoing battle with the ever-present weeds that do their best to overtake the catnip crop. (We doesn’t use herbicides at LBF.)

We’re also benefiting from the expertise of our new friend, Colleen Lees at the Soil Kitchen in Ankeny, Iowa. Soil sample testing has equipped us with the scientific data we need to organically improve the plot’s soil and, in turn, grow happier, healthier plants. (If you’re in central Iowa and need help with your plants, Colleen is the person to see.)

Amy’s first day on the job was Saturday. She wasn’t too thrilled by the surprise appearance of a western fox snake, but she was a fearless good sport. Fox snakes are harmless and, fortunately, protected under state law. The snake was escorted to a five-acre wooded area on the property, where we hope he’ll remain safe and sound for years to come.

We’ll refrain from posting a photo of owner Eric Woolson with the fox snake because we know not all Lucky Badger Farms friends are keen on snakes. If you happen to be one who is, feel free to email him at ewoolson@theconceptworks.com and he’ll be happy to share.