And … It’s Up

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Building construction 08 29 17Building finished 08 30 17The Lucky Badger Farms family wanted to make a big leap forward this season. We’ve done exactly that with yesterday’s completion of our first building.

We’ll use it for all the basic things you’d expect of a farm building: store a few tools, in our case, process our crop, and, of course, get out of the sun every now and then!

It’s a very welcome — and long-overdue — addition to the business that comes after several fits and starts that included an ambitious, well-intentioned but futile effort to renovate a1900s era bank building in Lineville.

While the new building didn’t go up soon enough to help us with the 2017 growing season, it bodes well for 2018. We’re already clearing several long-fallow plots for spring 2018 planting and we know we’re on the right track going forward.

From the Ground Up

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Exciting news on the farm after a summer marked mainly by drought conditions.

Our contractors, Jason Gibson and his crew from Jason Gibson Construction in Ridgeway, Mo., have started their work on our new building. Day One saw the guys frame the walls. Weather permitting, the roof trusses are scheduled to go up tomorrow.

The building will finally give us a spot to process the catnip crop, which will make us much more efficient next season.

“Miracle Kitten” Saved After Lawn Mower Accident

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WEST DES MOINES — KCCI-TV’s Todd Magel shares the heartwarming story of a feisty five-week-old kitten, badly injured after apparently being hit by a commercial lawn mower, and saved through the compassion of the young woman and the skill of the veterinarian who performed emergency surgery. Kudos to Jayme Robbins, who discovered the kitten, and Dr. Jessica Merk, who performed the successful emergency surgery. (Dr. Merk and her Ashworth Road Animal Hospital partners, Dr. Robert Foss and Dr. Melissa Kobberdahl, just happen to be veterinarians who care for Lucky Badger Farms’ spokescat Simon and our family’s other rescue felines.) See the amazing story of the miracle kitten for yourself. .


2015 Crop is Up and Growing

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The first sprouts of spring 05 02 15

It’s been an exciting first few weeks of the 2015 growing season.

Rain has been abundant and well-timed at our Lineville property and temperatures, though a bit on the cool side, have been more adequate to coax hundreds of catnip plants from the earth.

With the help of brand-new plot specialist Amy Ewing, we feel  more optimistic than ever that we’ll win our ongoing battle with the ever-present weeds that do their best to overtake the catnip crop. (We doesn’t use herbicides at LBF.)

We’re also benefiting from the expertise of our new friend, Colleen Lees at the Soil Kitchen in Ankeny, Iowa. Soil sample testing has equipped us with the scientific data we need to organically improve the plot’s soil and, in turn, grow happier, healthier plants. (If you’re in central Iowa and need help with your plants, Colleen is the person to see.)

Amy’s first day on the job was Saturday. She wasn’t too thrilled by the surprise appearance of a western fox snake, but she was a fearless good sport. Fox snakes are harmless and, fortunately, protected under state law. The snake was escorted to a five-acre wooded area on the property, where we hope he’ll remain safe and sound for years to come.

We’ll refrain from posting a photo of owner Eric Woolson with the fox snake because we know not all Lucky Badger Farms friends are keen on snakes. If you happen to be one who is, feel free to email him at and he’ll be happy to share.

Lucky Badger Farms Catnip Caps Are Now on Sale!

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LBF Hat compressed

The official Lucky Badger Farms caps are fun, adjustable, comfortable as all-get-out — and they’re here!

Our quality caps are made with a six-panel, unconstructed washed twill design for a great fit. Almond in color, they sport proudly the official LBF logo. They’re great for workouts, hanging out or just walking around. And, they’re available for just $15.95 and $2.99 shipping and handling. (We’ll even throw in a free pack of our “Just Buds” premium catnip.)

Be the first one on your block to own and wear a Lucky Badger Farms Catnip cap. To order, just email and we’ll take it from there.

Congratulations to the Smitten Kitten!

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DES MOINES — There were at least as many cats as people at the very well-attended celebration of the Smitten Kitten’s fifth anniversary as the city’s leading cat groomer and grand opening of its kitty hotel.

Owner Betsey Qualley put together a great shindig that included a nifty gift bag (which included Lucky Badger Farms “Just Buds” Premium Catnip) and two pet psychics. Our own Harry the cat, a six-year-old black domestic shorthair who is Simon’s sidekick and fellow Animal Rescue League rescue kitty, sat for a psychic reading.

We’re thrilled to see the Smitten Kitten’s continued success and wish Betsey all the best. And, we’re gratified that Betsey was the first retailer to feature Lucky Badger Farms Catnip. To learn more about her business, check out

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A promising 2013 crop

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It’s difficult to imagine how this year’s weather in the beautiful, gently rolling hills of southern Iowa could be any more different than last year.

Unseasonably warm weather woke the catnip early last year, with many plants almost a foot tall by the second week of March. Two weeks later, a hard frost damaged not only our catnip but a variety of crops across the state, dramatically reduce the apple and grape harvests. That was followed by a serious drought that took a big bite out of Iowa’s two cash crops — corn and soybeans — and affected just about everything else planted in 2012.

This year’s weather has been unseasonably wet. In fact, we’ve just experienced the heaviest April-May precipitation total in state history.  That included a five-inch snowfall the first week of May and several weeks in which Lucky Badger Farms received two or more inches of rain. All the water kept us from getting into the field until today — a full 90 days later than last year. Surprisingly, the catnip seems to be starting out stronger than ever. And, Simon couldn’t be happier!

Bone-A-Patreat Becomes Third Store to Sell Lucky Badger Farms “Just Buds” Catnip

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Bone A Patreat

DES MOINES — Lucky Badger Farms “Just Buds” Catnip is now available at Bone-A-Patreat  Healthy Pet Market, 4110 University Avenue.

Bone-A-Patreat is locally owned and operated by April Lawrence. Spencer Lawrence found his ideal job as General Manager and Chief Toy Tester and recently began a career as author.  Stop in to meet April. You might also meet Spencer, or his little sister, Roma, if they aren’t taking the day off. Your furry friends are very welcome. Just remind them to bring a leash when they come in with you.

April Lawrence, Spencer’s boss, opened the store in November 2004 in Beaverdale and moved to the current location in October 2010.  Roma joined the team in 2010.  She is the basically the pin up pup of the store and ideal treat taster.  Roma likes to give lots of kisses and make people smile.

Bone-A-Patreat becomes the third retail outlet to sell Lucky Badger Farms “Just Buds” Catnip. The store’s email address is and its phone number is  (515)279-2544