“Miracle Kitten” Saved After Lawn Mower Accident

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WEST DES MOINES — KCCI-TV’s Todd Magel shares the heartwarming story of a feisty five-week-old kitten, badly injured after apparently being hit by a commercial lawn mower, and saved through the compassion of the young woman and the skill of the veterinarian who performed emergency surgery. Kudos to Jayme Robbins, who discovered the kitten, and Dr. Jessica Merk, who performed the successful emergency surgery. (Dr. Merk and her Ashworth Road Animal Hospital partners, Dr. Robert Foss and Dr. Melissa Kobberdahl, just happen to be veterinarians who care for Lucky Badger Farms’ spokescat Simon and our family’s other rescue felines.) See the amazing story of the miracle kitten for yourself. .


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